09 - 05 - 2021 - First Devlog launch

Hello there!

If your reading this then that means you've decided to do more than scan the homepage of our website- to which I will say thank you! Its a good to have a fan. 

As an introduction I will say this is Woolford Studios writing right now is the CEO me Ben Woolford!

 <--- This guy right there.

As of the time writing this devlog the company is run solely by me handling the game development, marketing, website maintenance, testing, art, sound and much much more.

There's already been multiple games released by us (me?) on Google Play and the IOS app store and current plans are for an upcoming first big steam release!

What are we (me?) putting out onto Steam? We're (I am?) releasing a bundle of all the games that have been published by us (and several more unreleased games!) which have been optimised for a more console oriented experience.

When will it be released? It will be available December 2021 (More details will be available nearer the time). 

These devlogs will be a weekly thing (hopefully!) where we'll cover what we've been doing and showcasing the exciting things we'll be bringing to our upcoming games- Hopefully you'll tune in with us!